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Scratched Carc Touch Up Paint For Cars

Scratched cars, parking lots and summer time seem to all go together. After carefully washing and polishing your car come one weekend afternoon are you out on the prowl for touch up paint for cars and trucks. Or is a case looking for a match for touch up car paint to repair scuffs, remove auto scratches or perhaps even worse – for plastic bumper repairs.
Yet the simple fact of it is – it’s downright expensive to repair or fix a scratched automobile paint finish. Just how can you fix a scratched car yourselfc

For the most part you may well get off easily if you are handy , through and a little bit artistic that is if the damage to the paint surface – the car , truck or SUV’s finish can be assessed overall at a light or medium level paint scratch.

Firstly as with any paint or repair job you will have to thoroughly and carefully “prepare the surface. In the auto body trades it is usually done by cleaning the area or areas with simple soap and water. Next dry it completely with a clean soft cloth or clothes. Do not use a hair dryer or heat gun to dry the surfaces faster. Do not use harsh abrasive cleaners if heavy dirt or grime still overlays parts of the affected or adjacent areas.

Next in line – that is if the scratch was to be repaired with auto body professionals would be to sand down and reduce the scratched areas.

Spray water on the desired area with a spray gun gentle spray setting – attached to a standard garden hose outlet. Next while wet gently sand the affected areas with a 3000 grit very fine abrasive type sanding paper. Sand gently, very gently (less and less pressure applied is best).

It’s a matter of good old fashioned elbow grease.

Don’t risk temptation and danger by going it the easy way out with power tools – even if set to minimal action and sanding pressures.

While over while you cautiously sand away with light to medium pressure overall be reassured if light foam appears while you work away with ease and care. The light foam is simply an indicator and indication that the abrasive from the light sandpaper is reducing your scratched area or scratches.

Next step, or along with this sequence is to wipe the sanded area or areas to ensure that the scratch has actually been removed or is on the road there. You will be left with a rather dull area cosmetically. Be reassured again that everything is fine and you are on the correct path.

Late steps in the process will restore the overall gloss and luster.

As part of your materials preparation steps you should have acquired or purchased from rubbing compound from an automotive supply or big box automotive store. Take an amount the size of a quarter coin of this rubbing compound, place onto a commercial “compound pad”. Continue your buffing until the clear coat’s shine is “partially” restored. Work next to fully wipe off (with care and no pressure), with a clean dry cloth, before the next step proceeds.

Finish the paint scratch repair process polish and shine. Place onto a simple standard “polishing pad” a quarter sized amount of commercial “scratch remover”. Invest in a well known and trusted brand. Its poor and false economy otherwise. Polish the area that you have worked on carefully, that is until the paint surface shine is fully and completely restored to blend in with its surroundings.

Lastly after admiring your hand-i-work .you may wish for added protection to apply a good high quality automotive wax on either the effected area or better yet the whole vehicle.

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car paint spray guns

Car Paint Spray Guns


10 Comments at "Car Paint Spray Guns"

mike May 25th, 2012 (#)

What is a good spray gun to paint a car?
I have used a few spray guns before but Id like to invest in a decent gun? Could you give some suggestions?
I’m looking to paint my car it needs a piantjob and Im also looking to paint my dads bike. Maybe even starting up in this area. Have to start somewhere right?

ken k June 13th, 2012 (#)

mike this sounds like a bull pappy question/first of all a good car painter knows what to do and you dont///soooo whats going on???

Jay D June 7th, 2012 (#)

Best way to clean car paint from spray gun?
Going to spray my car today. First basecoats followed by a lacquer. Whats the best way to clean the initial basecoat paint from the gun?#

Thanks – This is being done in the UK today but in a heated garage.

roger n June 24th, 2012 (#)

Chris v is the right way but I would suggest you use a piece of old cloth rather than your finger to cover the end of the gun..
Bubbling the thinner back through towards the end of cleaning the gun is important to fully clean the needlle and fine atomising airways
When you do this point the top of the gun away from you (better put its cover on if there is one) to prevent getting splashing solvent in you eye.You’ll only do it once !!

If the paint has already dried in the gun the only real way to clean it if the above does not work (soak overnight with cellulose thinner) is to strip it and use cellulosue thinner or paint remover on the parts.

Kev G June 10th, 2012 (#)

What do I need to paint a car?
I’m thinking about getting into car painting. I can paint really well with a spray can and would like to try with a soray gun. What equipment do I need to paint a car? spray gun, paint etc.. everything i would need.
what size of air compressor would i need? how many HP? whats the average price for one?

mr0vacant June 18th, 2012 (#)

First of all your going to need a pretty good air compressor.
Then you’re going to need a gun(if you can afford it get an hvlp type), a resparator(depending on what kind of paint and where your spraying), drop cloths, masking tape, and of course paint, primer and laquer thinnner.

But probably the thing you will need most is practice, practice, practice, I would search around on the internet for sights about automotive painting also you can try the library and I have found that lots of local paint shops will give you advice for free. The way I learned was asking questoins and trying until I figured it out.

Hope this helps and good luck painting!!

Chris June 18th, 2012 (#)

What is the difference between auto spray paint guns and auto spray cans? Can I paint a whole car using cans?
I’m trying to figure out what’s best, since I don’t have an auto paint spray gun. I really want to paint my car but I am thinking about using spray cans (for automobiles, of course, not those cheap cans that cost $1-4) Either way, I’m willing to sand the surface to even out some textures. Thanks!!!
It is red and I want to paint it gray in a whole majority of the car. the red paint is in very good condition, no scrapes or fading. Any suggestions?

mister ss June 22nd, 2012 (#)

you would get a better paint job from a roller than a spray can, take it to maaco if you want a crappy job, you get what you pay for when painting a car.

Anonymous June 24th, 2012 (#)

What will happen if I use car spray paint on a Nerf gun?
Does it matter what spray paint I use on my Nerf gun? (Red Tiger camo) Any suggestions?

Anonymous June 29th, 2012 (#)

Use a non-glossy paint in thin layers. It’s important that you wait a few hours between light sprays or you will end up with a thick layer that will prevent the gun from operating properly.

1. get some black and red non-glossy spray paint
2. clean your Nerf gun with rubbing alcohol so the paint stick really well
3. get some scale-like leaves.
4. get a solid coat of black paint on the gun
5. put the leaves wherever you want on the gun, leave some black areas exposed
6. lightly spray over the gun with the red paint, the leaves will keep some areas black. Make sure you don’t use too much.

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